The Silence

With the XBooth Prime , XBooth Lounge and Xbooth Bar Lounge will give you the chance to experience a wide range of inspirational spaces for a new meeting culture.

– designed by Darius Tan


Single Person Booth

XBooth PRIME Was design to accommodate the need for privacy in open concept office and workspaces.

Our office phone booth increase productivity by allowing workers to take a private phone and online call without occupying conferences rooms or having to find private area far from their work space.

XBooth Bar Lounge

Meeting Booth

For Open Concept Office and Workspace

A quiet place to think and relax for your private discussion

XBooth Lounge

Meeting Booth

A great and smart choice for a cozy discussion. Creating an ideal working environment in any space you like

Noise Isolation Class

NIC 21 – 25

Aware of presence of others next door. Sense of community. Often hear activity sounds and voices of others. Conversations of others occasionally understood. Machines and speech audible and occasionally distracting.

NIC 16 – 20 ;

Continually aware of the presence of others. Activity sounds, speech and machines will be continually hear. Frequent distractions expected.

NIC<15  ;

Conversation easily understood. Machine and activity sounds clearly audible. Total distraction from other tasks.



NIC > 30

Cannot understand speech from adjacent room. May not be aware of the presence of others next door. May not hear activity sounds of others. Music usually can be heard, particularly when loud.

NIC 26 – 30

Occasionally hear the activity sounds of others in adjacent room. Aware of presence of others. Speech and machines audible, but not distracting. Music (usually) and other louder sounds can be heard

  • Series ;
  • XBooth Prime ( Single Booth )  ; 1120W x 1000D x 2230H ,
  • XBooth Bar Lounge ; 2119W x 1403D x 2230H
  • XBooth Lounge ; 2119W x 1403D x 2230H
  • Silent Ventilation Fan and LED downlight
  • Power Module ; AH Meyer USB Charger , AH Meyer netbox rail 5 gang
  • Acoustic or Fabric for interior ; 33NIC rating
  • Rearglass ; Frosted Glass Panel ; 10mm tempered glass
  • Glass door ; Plywood frame with 10mm tempered glass
  • Extrernal finish ; Laminate
  • Floor Finish ; Fiber Nylon Carpet