Dealing Desks

X3D is a perfect combination of technology, functionality and aesthetic. It has cable management, heat management and hardware storage within the desks.

a long lasting solution

Modified from our best selling products: X3 panel system, we are introducing X3D dealing desk. It is a simple, cost effective, modular, easy to install, reconfigurable and flexible solution designed to be used in a trading environment.

  • Ergonomic ; improving the productivity, health, safety and comfort of people, as well as promoting effective interaction among people, technology and the environment in which both must operate
  • Cable Management ;
    • To provide easy wiring process and maintenance
    • Easy access to power socket
    • Vertical and horizontal cable management for large quantities of cables
    • Double layer wire tray
  • Heat Management ; To have a cooling system to emit the warm air from the CPU storage
  • CPU Storage ;  Sliding CPU tray for easy access for IT maintenance Support up to 30 kg
  • LCD Monitor Arm ; Able to accommodate various kinds of LCD monitor arm mounting
Dealing Desk
Cable Management