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Established in 1984 and now presents a comprehensive range of system furniture, office seatings and hospitality products for domestic and overseas markets.

Taking You Forward Our Design

Breakout Areas

The XBOOTH Prime was designed to accommodate the need for privacy in open concept office and workspaces. Our office phone booth increase pro…


Multi-purpose storage…

Private Office

XE Aero combines elite, lightweight and futuristic design with efficiency and functionality…

Private Office

The XE BRIDGE exemplifies new spirit of independence and confidence…

Conference & Tables


Infused with stylish aluminium frame and table legs, X12 is designed for open office, which helps on enhancing teamwork through informal com…

Conference & Tables

Its creates a collaborative workspace which allows people to access and share information quickly and effectively…

Height Adjustable Desk

AD+L crafted for smooth adjustment. armed with a precision leg, it ensure every part turns out exactly as intended, delivering a steady and …

Conference & Tables


Desire for simplicity- a return to more thoughtful, elegant slim lines, simple, utilitarian and timeless design…

Height Adjustable Desk

AD systems are designed to improve user’s health; the need for a system that will support healthy workstyle. Neat cable management and use…

Desking Systems


The X1 Series is designed to make your life simpler. The system embraces a cost-effective, minimalist approach, using fewer parts than conve…

Architectural System


Its sturdy walls and strong structure allows you to create office spaces such as conferences rooms and more without any difficulty…

Architectural System


The X8 Pole & Beam system is radically redefining corporate space. Design to meet the varied and changing demands of your company structure,…

Breakout Areas


Highly elaborative finishes with a range of playful colour selection, X10 promise you a dynamic and collaborative environment to work in. Ou…

Panel Based Systems


Z3 simply fits together by sliding the tile panels down a track in the post allowing you to choose combinations of colours, finishes and gla…

Panel Based Systems


From the seed of a singular aluminium joint, sprouts a pattern of interlocking office supplies as varied as you can create. Form combination…

Panel Based Systems


A unique concept intelligently designed that is functional, easily installed and reconfigured. Aimed at Designers and Facility Manager, X3 i…

Beam Based System


The X5B [ X5 BEAM ] promises to change the way we think about office systems all over again. The X5B reimagines the icon from a blank page, …

Dealing Desks


X3D is a perfect combination of technology, functionality and aesthetic. It has cable management, heat management and hardware storage withi…



Functional and practical accessories to organise your space and improve productivity. From stylish desk organisers and document holders to b…

Dealing Desks

With a good dealing desk that fit and getting into the routine of both standing and sitting, people reported feeling more energized, creativ…

Private Office


NMA is designed to be a user-friendly modular system that is strong, flexible, and stable. Aesthetically pleasing, the unique system allows …

Conference & Tables


X2 Series has been carefully designed so that it can be quickly and easily adapted to accommodate a wide variety of managerial needs, both f…

Breakout Areas

WALLP strives to improve air quality in the workplace while creating a variety of spaces that care for people….

Breakout Areas

AD+L COFFEE ISLAND offers employees an opportunity to unwind, have fun and encouraging interaction between colleagues. But most pertinently…



“ I wish to extend my appreciation on the quality of product and the service delivery conducted by Technigroup for the execution of works completed for UBS Wuxi Office Project in July 2016.

The dedication and commitment implemented by Karen and her team served to be one of the critical core factors to the successful completion and handing over of the Works within the prescribed timeline. The ways the team strive to maintain good QA/QC and re-engineering of the product throughout the execution of the Works to meet the Client’s expectation is commendable. Congratulations! ”

Alfred Lo

Head of Group Corporate Services, China|UBS Corporate Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

“I wish to extend my appreciation on the quality of product and the service delivery conducted by the Technigroup team for the execution of works completed on behalf of Interics Asia Pte Ltd for two projects, Allied World Singapore and Allied World Hong Kong.

The dedication and commitment implemented by your teams served to be one of the critical core factor to the successful completion and handing over the Works within the prescribed timeline.

The way you strive to maintain good QA/QC and re-engineering of the product throughout the execution of the Works to meet the Client’s expectation is commendable.

Mark Coney

Director  |   Interics Asia Pte Ltd

“As the system furniture supplier for UBS Wuxi BSC project, I really appreciate you have completed all the height adjustable workstations & lockers installation with high service level and within our project schedule. Your installation service is quite professional and your products are quite satisfied by our clients. Thanks ! ”

Thomas Yang

CBRE | Project Management, Eastern China

“We awarded the contract to Technigroup not only for your competitive price but also the quality of the system furniture and your After Sales Service which is excellent. We got timely response to all our service calls till date.  

– view full recommendation letter here –

Santo Adi Nurcahyo

Corporate Real Estate | PT Bank DBS Indonesia

“The commitment of Technigroup and its management to our wider premises project has been notable, in particular the smooth coordination with our main contractor as well as with our team of professional consultants. This positive attitude has continued beyond the handover….”


Assistant Director | British Council Kuala Lumpur

“I would like to thank your organisation for the yeoman service we received … for the entire Siemen’s premises. When we started out on our project, we had the intention to purchase an imported system, but we are happy to choose your company instead as, not only it saved us monies, but I am sure, had we chosen a foreign company, this project will be very much delayed.”

Loh Kin Wah

General Manager |  Siemens

“I have received positive feedback from the users, who were impressed by your project leader’s efficiency and willingness to assist, … both during the construction stage and after the handover, building good rapport with the users despite complexity of the project.”

Choi Chor San

Executive – Capital Works |  DBS Workplace Solutions

“Our experience with the product supplied by your company, the installation support provided and the after sales service has been excellent. Your ability to respond promptly to our requests for alterations was also great value to us.”

Ashok H Bhatia

Vice Chairman and Managing Director | HSBC Software Development(India) Pvt Ltd.