Desking Systems

Infinite Possibilities

X2 Series has been carefully designed so that it can be quickly and easily adapted to accommodate a wide variety of managerial needs, both for privacy and sociability

  • Mobile Desking system
  • X2 offers fast, flexible reconfigurations for all your needs at the workplace
  • Designed in the context of constant changes of team and individual workstations to meet new situations and growth
  • Main spine under table as X2 main feature:- to hold tabletops, legs, accessories, CPU Holder, cabinet, cable tray
  • The spine is able to keep tabletop straight and strong and requires fewer sets of legs.
  • Ergonomically designed tabletops with curved lines, rounded corners and edges
  • Integrated cable management
  • A full range of accessories completes the X2 series, they can be added on anytime.
  • All components are easy to assemble and dismantle
  • X2 Legs Options:- Fixed curve legs- Mobile curve leg- T-leg