Executive Series

NMA is designed to be a user-friendly modular system that is strong, flexible, and stable. Aesthetically pleasing, the unique system allows for quick on-site assembly. Ideal for both home and office use, NMA is the cost-effective solution to your business needs.

NMA with X3 Panel

The NMA and X3 panel systems are the perfect combination to complement any office space. The complete system is durable and easy to assemble. As an add-on to NMA, a fixed storages can be used to support the return table and is either freestanding or attached to the X3 panel system. Several advantages exist when combining the NMA and X3 systems. X3 panels create room flexibility, require fewer legs, and most importantly offer significant cost savings. With the X3 horizontal raceway, cable management is convenient and always within reach.

  • Executive Desking System
  • Simple yet classic design
  • Supported by a frame with flexible joint, easily adaptable to many tabletop shapes
  • A wide range of tabletop shapes, configurations and layout available to suit your taste
  • Integrated cable management
Executive Series