New Product Soft Launch, Nov 2009: KEO and X5 Beam:

KEO Series
The KEO series is an executive office furniture set consisting of a main desk, meeting table, coffee table, open shelf credenza and mobile pedestal. It is a contemporary take – Quirky Formal, on the furnishings for top management. It is designed by international celebrity designer Karim Rashid, who has worked with many of the top companies in branding, product, furniture and interiors.

The offset arrangement of the open shelves breaks the visual monotony of the office-scape, while retaining the formality of a place of work. Its iconic curves and radi evokes an air of casualness in a sea of straight corners found in system furniture. The use of blocks of colour contrasting against the wood grain gives an atypical appearance to executive desking. The form imposes a presence equal to the status of the user, but remains clean-cut and generous in storage space, addressing a typical practical issue commonly lacking in other designs.

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X5 Hybrid System
The X5 is a one system, total solution for the modern office. At the heart is a central beam offering storage, structure and support. It offers a myriad of configurations which enables open communication, as well as effective cable management. Its flexibility permits customised solutions for every office landscape – through best form and function.

The design is flexible in allowing a multitude of design options for open or close plan offices. Modular configurations can be achieved in many directions. Less table legs are required as the table attaches to the beam. Stack-on cabinets cater for future storage needs. Wire management runs along the beam, either on the side or below. Unique features include movable whiteboards and divider screens, storage screens and drop leaf table options.

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