Neocon Xpress 2007 at Los Angeles, U.S.A

NEOCON XPRESS 2007 Neocon Xpress was an event for new product introduction which offered a preview of the newest commercial interiors products. This was our first exhibition in United States and a perfect time to introduce our new products X1, X4 and X2 Hilo. Besides the new products, we showed our existing panel based and wall system as well.

X1 desking system
A desking system that embraces simplicity. A cost effective, minimalist approach, using fewer parts than conventional workplace furniture.

X4 panel & storages system
Intelligent storage system that also functions as panels.

X2 Hilo desking system with technician height adjustable legs.

X3 panel based system
A slim panel based system with a unique concept intelligently designed making it functional, easily installed and reconfigured.

X7 flexi wall
A modern looking modular wall system that can be installed inside a office space to form rooms partitions with or without suspended ceilings.