Coffee, anyone?

Your meeting has been going on for hours.
The negotiations are intense. Tension is high and some nerves are frayed.
Calling for a coffee break could be the most strategic thing you can do right now.
Use this moment to gather your thoughts, regroup your team and reassess your objectives.
As you do that, why not grab a cup of your favorite brew and continue your discussions
at our
new X10 Breakout Furniture area?
The informal setting creates a more relaxed and open atmosphere for everyone to share their views.
As tired bodies gets refreshed, tensions are eased and defenses come down.
The consensus and solution you are seeking may just be found right here …
while people are lounging in comfortable seats sipping coffee.

Check out our new range of breakout furniture.
You may be surprised what breakout furniture can do for your organisation.
Ask our Sales team to provide more details.

(Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /